The first University and Studio in the Metaverse.

The power of a Furry Head

Your Furry Head will be the access pass to the Furry Heads University and the first Metaverse Multimedia Studio ran by the community.
We will create the content and 3D assets for the Metaverse.

University & Studio

There will be a huge demand for content in the future resulting in an even higher demand for artists. We will educate, learn and earn together. We will have industry professionals to educate and give you valuable insights.
This is a first of it's kind approach, tested in the sandbox, and now ready for the Metaverse.
Become a 3D artists and start creating content!

The Furry Heads Story

An undiscovered species from an unknown planet invades earth. The Furry Heads! The purpose of their invasion remains unclear as they try to find a human host to live with.
Are you brave enough to become a friend and host to one of the Furry Heads? A story to be discovered …

Get ready for the drop!

Artwork & Tech

The Furry Head art is unique. We’re not just stacking PNGs but creating real 3D renders. High-end vfx techniques are being used to create the fluffy creatures. Countless hours of work and dedication went into the Furry Heads to make them a high quality artwork.

What does that mean?
The Furry Heads are already one step ahead of a lot of projects. We’ve got 3D assets for all of our traits and properties and we’re well connected to the multimedia industry. This is a very unique foundation for an NFT project and leads the path into a metaverse experience.

The artwork shown on the website might vary slightly from the final NFT artwork.

The set of 8.192 unique NFTs consist of


Each Furry Head is algorithimically generated, which guarantees its uniqueness.

Full Rights

As a Furry Head owner, you have all rights and licenses for a unique avatar NFT. You gain additional rights for a 3D representation airdrop in the future to bring your Furry Head into the metaverse. Your Furry Head is the key to our University and Studio.

Real 3D assets

All attributes were created in 3D and are available as 3D models!

Roadmap (Future Benefits)

All Furry Head members will gain additional benefits through roadmap activations. We're focusing on building a large Community Fund for the future, community driven development.

Launch Roadmap

Pre Launch
  • Pre-Breed Furry Head Profile Pictures for the first 50 ACTIVE Discord members

  • Reveal Story on Twitter & Discord

  • Whitelisting

  • Silent Drop I - The Furry Heads are coming

  • Pre-Sale for whitelisted Furries

  • 15 ETH for Community Fund

  • 5 ETH community giveaway (rules TBA)

  • 20 ETH for Community Fund

  • 10x Furry Heads airdrop to holders

Donation & Sweep the floor
  • 20 ETH for Community Fund

  • 5 ETH donation to an animal charity based on community vote

  • 5 ETH used to sweep the floor (strategically under mint price)

  • 40 ETH for the Community Fund

  • 10 ETH community giveaway (rules TBA)

Donation & Airdrops
  • 50 ETH for Community Fund

  • 5 ETH to several animal shelters in Germany

  • 50% of bought back NFTs will be airdropped to random holders

Climate Neutral & Giveaway
  • 58 ETH for Community Fund

  • We will safe rainforest for 10 ETH

  • 5 ETH giveaway (rules TBA)

  • Future development starts

Future Developments

After 100% sold

👩‍🎓 Launch of the Furry Head University 👨‍🎓

We will launch the first ever NFT based university for artists. We will train you to become a Metaverse content creator.

After 100% sold

👨‍💻 Furry Head universe contest 👩‍💻

One of the first truly community driven events for the NFT community and the Furry Heads. This is NOT a derivative contest, it’s purpose is to continue developing the Furry Head universe TOGETHER!

We will find the best contributions in 5 categories. Your submissions will become part of the Furry Head universe. (Join our Discord to be aware of the news and new contests we launch)

Q2 2022

🦸 Furry Head Host 🦸‍♂️

You will be able to attach a body to your Furry Head for future use in the Metaverse. Mechanics will be announced.


🎁 3D Airdrop 🎁

Every Furry Head holder will get their 3D version for use in the Metaverse. Technical details will be announced.

Check an example here: 3D realtime Furry Head

Q3&Q4 2022

Development of future community driven content

We will start to build together. Content for clients and the expansion of the Furry Heads universe.

Investor Relations

A statement of @INCTUBE to all of you

Thank you for taking the time to read this. You’re doing it right!

The NFT space is crazy and something beautiful in a lot of regards. It is still young and we’re able to create a lot of new ideas, shape the space and maybe change the internet world forever. These are big words and I’m getting goosebumps again!

The Furry Head project is based on a team with a lot of experience in multimedia content production. We love the crypto and especially NFT space and this love and dedication goes into the Furry Heads - Full force! We would like to create something of value for all of us! My vision to build this University and Studio and be at the forefront of future content demand.

Let’s get this party started and show what the Furry Heads are capable of. See you all in our Discord :)

The Furry Heads are a high quality product aiming for longevity. Let’s create something beautiful with a future perspective TOGETHER!

Post-MINT revenue distribution

35 % Community fund
45% Cost & Development
10% Community Giveaway Fund
10% Marketing

Secondary Royalties of 3% will go directly to the community fund


1. What are the Furry Heads?
2. Which blockchain do you use?
3. What's the total supply
4. Are the Furry Heads unique?
5. How much does a Furry Head cost to mint?
6. Is there a mint limit?
7. Who is the artist behind Furry Heads?
8. Will there be a whitelist?
9. How to buy
10. What is the Community Fund?
11. Why are Furry Heads so awesome?
12. What is the Furry Heads University
13. I found photo NFTs, what's up with those?

The Team

The core team of the Furry Heads has its background and expertise in the media industry. They are professionals in the field of multimedia content creation and strategy. Working for Hollywood production companies and big names like Porsche and Mercedes the team is ready to bring you high quality and reliability.

Founder & 3D-Artist

Founder and creative Furry Head INCTUBE started his career as visual effects artist and director before founding his own media company "Flyvision Media". Dedicated to high quality products, stories and graphics the idea of the fluffy Furry Heads came to his mind, while diving deep into the crazy world of NFTs.


Producer SNOOPYFLEE joined the core team from the very beginning and is supporting in every topic possible. Working for one of the biggest world leading visual effects companies, she knows how to handle deadlines, schedules and coordinate a team up to Hollywood standards.


Developer Nitram is part of a developer group from Germany. He is developing software solutions for all kinds of use cases, a lot of them are being used by game and vfx comapnies. He got interested in blockchain development due to the power of NFTs.


Developer Yrneh is developing web apps for over 10 years. His understanding of software architecture and usability make him the go to address for streaming services and gaming studios.

Marketing & Consulting

Dakota is a Tech Savvy entrepreneur, early crypto investor, and visionary thinker. With his knowledge in marketing and Crypto/NFTs, he helps Furry Heads into a bright future. He brings an analytical and creative outside perspective into our project. His understanding of NFT mechanics and possibilities is OP.

Join our community.

Join us on Discord to get the latest news and get ready for the university. Find friends to learn with and enjoy your stay.